Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dr. Dog

It’s difficult to describe Dr. Dog, the Philly-based quintet that came to DC’s 9:30 Club last week. Think of them as the love child between a number of bands, such as The Beatles, The Band, and Pavement – offering a playful blend of 60’s psychedelic sounds and soulful harmonies to create a uniqueness all their own. The group isn't shy about using using a variety of instruments including horns, piano, tambourine, and strings, that, when combined and accompanied by a catchy drumbeat, make for a very enjoyable live show.

The set was about as quirky as the music, with fake palm trees and each band member sporting cheap plastic sunglasses of different colors. The band members exuded an energy level that kept the audience bouncing through most of the show – a particularly great feat given that it went well past midnight on a Wednesday night.

Dr. Dog's fifth, and most recent album, Fate, is a must-listen (and buy):
Fate is one of those listens where you’re not ready for it to end, and by the final chords of the closer, “My Friend,” you’re ready to hit the repeat button. That first listen is simply a summer’s day, a weekend trip to the waterhole, an afternoon in the sun. The second listen is a reunion with old friends at that dive bar down the block, a night at the pool hall, a kick-start of the warmly lit jukebox. The third listen is fireworks over the lake, roman-candle wars in the dark, bottle rockets on the blacktop. If you’re sensing a common theme here that’s good. Dr. Dog’s fifth movement cements them as impossibly and comfortably classic.
Next time they come your way, go. In the meantime, from the words of Dr. Dog, "Put that needle to the groove and sing."

Check them out here:

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