Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bittman on Paris

I'm going to Paris in less than ten days, and I'm going here on Day One (and days two through ten). Mark Bittman, the culinary sage, has offered his advice on:

1. Where to eat falafel: L'as du Fallafel


2. How to eat falafel: You chomp on your pita, harissa and hummus dripping down your cheek — tilting your head to get a good bite, as there's no attacking this gargantuan sandwich head-on — and juggle as many napkins as you can grab, and marvel at the neighborhood.

While the vegetarian garlicky goodness will tempt my palate for a majority of the trip, I might just have to join the carnivore club for some mouth watering** steak frites, jambon d'Auvergne, and entrecote.

**Warning: might drool while reading.


WRG said...

Ah Paris! My jealousy knows no bounds. It's my favourite place in the world, though I haven't been there in over 16 years (went there for my honeymoon). I'm hoping to go back with hubby and two teenage boys within the next few years.

If you have the time, check out "Paris to the Moon". The author's name has just skipped my mind, but he's a writer for the New Yorker, I believe, and lived in Paris with his family for about five years.

It's a must read.

Bon voyage!

Julia said...

Thanks! I looked it up and it's written by Adam Gopnik. Definitely on my reading list for the trip.