Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First post

The subject of a first post is quite a lot of pressure for this nascent blogger. So rather than pontificate on health care or the elections, or something meaningful, I'll settle with why I chose to name my blog "Trysting."

So here's why: I'm sitting at Tryst, one of the best people watching and procrastination locations in DC. Hence, in the spirit of indiscriminately turning nouns into verbs (i.e. verbing), I am trysting.

Main Entry: 1trysting
Pronunciation: \ˈtristing, especially British ˈtrīst\
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English triste appointed station for thoughtful ponderers, probably from trist, trust confidence, trust.
Date: November 2008
1 : People watching and procrastinating at DC's popular Adam's Morgan coffee shop, Tryst.
2 : The name of my blog.


dgelles said...

pretty racy name for a blog. I'm going to be checking back often, expecting some juicy details.

Matt Browner Hamlin said...

Question: will you blog at places other than Tryst?

Julia Eisman said...

On occasion, I will go elsewhere. But I will not start a blog for every location at which I blog.

DB said...


Harlequin said...


Your etymology is a little odd. Tryst is a perfectly good word and an excellent name for a blog... but you omit the immediate etymology of the term and skip straight to the coffee shop. Weird.