Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baucus calls for universal coverage

Senator Max Baucus released his white paper on health care reform. It is a universal plan, which is encouraging when you're talking about the guy who leads the committee that any health care legislation must pass through. Here's what he had to say:

This paper – this “Call To Action” – represents the next step. It is not intended to be a legislative proposal. Rather, it details my vision for both policy and the process in the upcoming health care reform debate. The plan contained outlined here addresses health care coverage, quality, and cost. Many components will require an initial investment but, over time, will vastly improve the quality of the health care Americans receive and reduce the cost of that health care, ultimately putting our system on a more sustainable path. It is my intention that after ten years the U.S. will spend no more on health care than is currently projected, but we will spend those resources more efficiently, and will provide better-quality coverage to all Americans.

Is it me, or does this resemble Hillary's plan more than Obama's, given the mandate for coverage?

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